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Fractional CMO

Providing the quality and services of a CMO at a capacity fit for your unique business needs.

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Marketing Strategy

Have a plan of attack

Engaging Creative

Think in a new light

Mind Altering Digital

Creativity meets tech

Formulaic Measurement

Data Driven Decisions

Expert in all things


What do you get when you take a creative person who happens to have a finance background and place him on your executive team in a part-time capacity? You receive an unbiased expert whose only focus is growth and profitability. Since 1993, Wyckoff has worked in over 20 vertical markets in 12 countries and successfully executed marketing strategies to drive owners’ equity and shareholder value.  The catch, you can’t hire him as a W2. “Without margin, there is no mission” – Unlocking the margins through new and creative marketing strategies is his only business focus.

Wyckoff Services

Marketing Strategy Design

Designing your marketing playbook

Sales Measurement

Game changing decisions made with the right data

Digital Marketing

Make your digital presence known 

Human Capital

A team curated for your company vision

Content Creation

The science of storytelling


Evaluating perceptions to create marketing strategy

Engagement & Exposure

Be seen in all the right places at the right times

Website Development

Enhancing your first impression

The Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Why Wyckoff

Luke is a fearless entrepreneur who turns good ideas and unmet needs into successful companies thanks to his unique leadership style and his knack for building top notch teams. His passion for business, life, and people is infectious and inspiring. 

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