Wyckoff Marketing Audit

How Wyckoff quickly ascertains the data needed to make a difference.

A comprehensive marketing audit from Wyckoff Consulting typically involves assessing various aspects of a company’s marketing systems, processes, procedures, and metrics to gain a holistic understanding of its current marketing performance. Without a diagnosis of the most critical areas of concern that have a direct correlation to revenue, marketing would just look like “busy work”.  While the specific components of a marketing audit may vary depending on the company and its industry, here is a general framework for how Wyckoff Consulting conducts a marketing audit.

It’s important to note that the marketing audit from Wyckoff Consulting will be customized to fit the specific needs and goals of Entire Productions. Additionally, conducting interviews and gathering data from key stakeholders within the organization will provide valuable insights during the audit process.

How is this different from other audits?  Wyckoff not only has 30+ years of experience in Marketing, he has successfully designed the selection and recruiting strategies for some of the highest-performing sales and marketing teams in the country.  Combined with a process-driven, financial acumen model, Wyckoff delivers a report to the executive team that quickly allows decisions to be made on what can be done internally and what needs to be outsourced to exceed EBITA projections.