Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Luke Wyckoff

Meet Your Future Fractional CMO

What do you get when you take a creative person who happens to have a finance background and place him on your executive team in a part time capacity? You receive an unbiased expert who’s only focus is growth and profitability. Since 1993, Wyckoff has worked in over 20 vertical markets, in 12 countries and successfully executed marketing strategies to drive owners equity and shareholder value. The catch, you can’t hire him as a W2. “Without margin, there is no mission” - Unlocking the margins through new and creative marketing strategies, is his only business focus.

About Luke Wyckoff

No matter how much success he’s enjoyed and how many miles he’s travelled, several times each year, Luke Wyckoff makes it back to his hometown of Sheridan, Michigan to enjoy a week or more with family and friends and savor the burgers at the Hogs Head Saloon on Main Street. That’s the essence of Luke Wyckoff—he’s never met a person who is not a friend and he never forgets a friend.

Along the way, Luke has made his friends and family proud by excelling in business development and his own startups. Luke earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing & Sales from Ferris State University in 1993. After graduating, he worked for a Chicago-based print management and supplies company, landing major contracts with Michigan health care providers.

His next stop was at Development Dimensions International, Inc., an executive assessment and placement firm based in Pittsburgh. As an Account Executive in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and later as a Senior Account Executive in Denver, Luke managed a multi-state portfolio of clients and consistently won VIP Awards for exceeding sales goals.

Luke left DDI in 2007, and founded Wyckoff Consulting, providing his clients with Fractional Chief Marketing Officer experience, executive-level personnel search, and assessment services, and “go to market strategy” consulting. From the beginning, Wyckoff Consulting was a leader in innovation, being the first to market using modern digital strategies that are still in place today for many clients. 

Wyckoff Consulting also was on the leading edge of the art of identifying and recruiting executive candidates through social media. As that part of the business grew, and clients asked for more and more social media management services, Luke formed Social Media Energy. Social Media Energy continues to be a thought leader in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating the social media presence of major companies across the United States.

A national award winning debater at Ferris State University, Luke is a memorable speaker who consistently delivers high-energy, information-packed keynote speeches on issues such as social media (including analytics), entrepreneurship, sales motivation, and building executive teams. When he’s not speaking or overseeing his companies and their respective sales teams, Luke can be found on the golf course, attending live music concerts or at an NFL or NHL game. With Wyckoff Consulting being a virtual company, he splits his time among Colorado, Michigan and Arizona.